10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (2023)

JoJo’s Weird Journey has confirmed to be some of the eccentric and really distinctive mangas of this technology, being one the best-selling in historical past and spawning quite a lot of animated and live-action variations of its a number of story arcs, together with after all a preventing recreation known as JoJo’s Weird Journey: All Star Battle R. Full of countless references to Western music and style icons, and a few of the most unforgettable outfits and poses, the multi-part collection additionally options life-or-death battles between Stands, that are psycho-spiritual manifestations with some extremely inventive and infrequently lethal supernatural talents. Whereas some are iconic for being dangerously highly effective and integral to the story, others proved to simply be flat-out…properly, weird. Right here is our record of the 10 most weird stands in JoJo’s Weird Journey.

1. Child Face

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (1)

The primary Stand on our record is among the strangest ones present in JoJo’s fifth arc known as Golden Wind (or “Vento Aureo” in Italian), which follows Giorno, Bucciarati and the remainder of the gang tasked with escorting Trish, the daughter of Passione’s mafia boss, to security on a distant island off the coast of Italy. Alongside the way in which they’re dictated to board a prepare to their vacation spot, and whereas on there they encounter some really obnoxious Stand customers. Amongst them is Melone, who makes an attempt to kidnap Trish utilizing his Stand known as Child Face.

Child Face is a computer-like humanoid Stand, whose preliminary kind is the one seen above. As a pc it’s able to producing a secondary, sentient Stand able to complicated improvement. To do that it requires a human DNA pattern and subsequently a “appropriate topic”, or moderately a feminine sufferer, with the intention to breed the Stand, which is about as creepy and unsettling because it sounds.

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How the lady in query is impregnated isn’t disclosed (fortunately), however the finish result’s a Stand that accommodates intelligence however should be taught like a toddler the right way to put it to use. It additionally accommodates the identical character as its sufferer, and within the case of this episode it inherits some very hot-headed traits from the unsuspecting feminine vacationer that Melone selects. All of it leads to a hilariously weird encounter between him and Bucciarati’s gang that after all ends within the latter’s victory.

In traditional JoJo style, “Child Face” additionally after all comes from the Grammy-winning musician of the identical title. Such a reputation for this Stand is seemingly presupposed to be taken moderately actually.

2. Tremendous Fly

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (3)

This subsequent Stand hails from the fourth arc known as Diamond is Unbreakable, which takes place within the peaceable (not likely) suburban city Morioh, Japan. With one more music-related title, Tremendous Fly is encountered by Josuke, his college buddy Okuyasu, and a current but transient addition to their staff Mikitaka Hazekura, who seems to be an alien.

On the outskirts of city, the three of them by chance occur upon the Stand, which is definitely certain to a transmission tower and has no different bodily kind. So the Stand itself is, principally, a tower.

The Stand’s person, or moderately the one at present trapped by it, is Toyohiro Kanedaichi, a self-proclaimed eccentric hermit proudly embracing his way of life upon the tower. Really, he makes an attempt to lure Josuke and the others into the affected territory inside the tower, as doing so will relinquish the Stand’s management over him and permit him to flee. He intially succeeds, and Josuke and the others have interaction in a battle to defeat Toyohiro and free themselves.

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (4)

On prime of the tower being basically invulnerable to offensive Stand assaults because it merely displays them again out, anybody who isn’t free to go away dangers being changed into steel and absorbed into the tower itself. Thus, the battle that ensues is an unsettling recreation of who can escape first. Mikitaka seems to sacrifice himself to permit his allies to get free, however happily Josuke is ready to greatest Toyohiro earlier than the collection’ most amusing minor character is killed off.

“Tremendous Fly” refers back to the well-known 1972 soul funk album launched by Curtis Mayfield. Whereas a weird selection of title for the Stand, to exit on a limb it may seek advice from the tower being a fly entice of kinds.

3. Freeway to Hell

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (5)

This subsequent Stand is encountered close to the start of the sixth arc known as Stone Ocean, the place we meet Jotaro’s estranged daughter Kujo Jolyne, the designated protagonist this time round. Whereas serving a sentence for a criminal offense she didn’t commit in a high-security jail in Florida, Jolyne is paid a go to by her father Jotaro, and the 2 of them are ambushed by the lackey of foremost antagonist Whitesnake.

Jotaro’s soul/stand and recollections are stolen by Whitesnake, which inhabit the type of two CDs (in line with the continuing musical theme of Stands), and he dies earlier than they are often rescued by the Speedwagon basis. Refusing to desert her father, Jolyne embarks on a private mission to retrieve his stolen discs and produce him again to life.

Within the course of she befriends a fellow inmate named Ermes, who agrees to assist her whereas looking for private revenge in opposition to Whitesnake for the dying of her sister. Alongside the way in which, Ermes runs into one other inmate named Thunder McQueen, who works as a janitor and is totally mentally unstable and suicidal.

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (6)

Whitesnake supplies him with a Stand known as Freeway to Hell, a novel and weird one which has no bodily kind apart from an odd set of 4 protrusions with propellers on the ends. It additionally doesn’t have any offensive fight talents. As an alternative, in moderately disturbing style it solely has the power to share harm inflicted on the Person. As McQueen is pathologically suicidal, he tries repeatedly to kill himself in varied methods regardless of Ermes’ makes an attempt to calm him.

When he tries to hold himself in a stall she endures being hung and suffocated, the Stand’s protrusions lifting her into the air. When McQueen tries drowning himself the Stand seems as a liquid mass, smothering her nostril and mouth as seen within the image above, within the imitation of compelled drowning.

All in all, it makes the Stand fairly formidable within the fallacious (or proper) fingers, a suicidal inmate basically being the proper selection when attempting to focus on somebody. However propellers?

“Freeway to Hell” refers back to the 1979 tune by band AC/DC, and it’s probably is a connotation to suicide being thought of a sin in sure situations.

4. Love Deluxe

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (7)

Love Deluxe is one other of the really weird Stands discovered within the Diamond is Unbreakable Arc, and it undoubtedly offers off some Medusa vibes. Its person is highschool pupil Yukako Yamagishi, who it seems has an enormous (placing it calmly) crush on none aside from Koichi Hirose. She coerces him to go on a date together with her, which he heartily accepts, just for it to finish up going a bit stranger than anticipated.

Yukako’s obsessive infatuation with Koichi inflames extreme, even violent temper swings she has for seemingly no obvious purpose, given her usually very aloof character. One second she’s demure and candy, the subsequent she’s destroying the desk whereas screaming on the prime of her lungs. Koichi is aware of one thing isn’t proper, however isn’t positive what to do.

She winds up kidnapping him and taking him to a home remotely situated close to the shoreline. There she plans to maintain him locked away whereas brainwashing him into reciprocating her emotions, whereas additionally forcibly coaching him to suit an idealized image of himself. That is the place her Stand lastly comes into view, and it seems that it’s certain to her lengthy, stunning, jet-black locks of hair.

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (8)

The Stand was initially bestowed upon her by Keicho Nijimura and his Arrow. Basically, it offers Yukako’s hair extraordinarily sturdy, prehensile abilties, permitting her to successfully use it as a lethal weapon. She will spontaneously prolong it, even lengthy sufficient to wrap across the total home, decide up and hurl heavy objects, and use it to strike or smother her targets. She will even implant strands of it into her sufferer’s scalp with the intention to bodily management them.

As an entire, it makes this mini-arc of the story disturbingly hilarious, and after being rescued by Josuke and Okuyasu, Koichi reunites with Yukako after the incident and so they pursue a mutual relationship.

“Love Deluxe” refers back to the fourth album launched in 1992 by English band Sade, and the connotations of affection are undoubtedly obvious right here.

5. Seaside Boy

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (9)

Whereas the encounter with this Stand undoubtedly doesn’t happen anyplace close to a seashore, the title of it’s no much less comical, together with the Stand itself which is… sure, a fishing rod. Regardless of it being a wholly odd trying object, it proves itself to be the deadliest fishing rod in existence.

Through the Golden Wind arc, Giorno and the others have interaction this Stand whereas on the prepare experience to Florence, the place they’re instructed to carry Trish subsequent. The Person of the Stand is Pesci, the weak-willed and really eccentric-looking youthful brother of Prosciutto. For a lot of the encounter throught the “Grateful Lifeless” mini-arc, Pesci follows the orders of his sibling whereas typically succumbing to his insecurities and insecurity.

Nonetheless, his Stand proves to be a formidable weapon because the rod’s hook and fishing line have a number of talents. It may possibly part by means of actually any impediment to hunt out its goal, making hiding a restricted benefit, and Pesci even makes use of it to simply lower by means of a sufferer’s flesh to pinpoint and destroy very important organs.

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (10)

Additionally, the extraordinarily delicate fishing line can detect lifeforms and their physicalities in any given space it’s solid into, proper right down to their heartbeat. Destroying the road itself can also be out of the query, as any harm inflicted on it would as an alternative replicate again on the goal and their Stand.

This all makes Seaside Boy fairly the menace, regardless of its in any other case foolish and weird look that might simply make anybody misjudge. Happily, Bucciarati and the gang overcome Pesci, finally defeating him along with his personal Stand.

Additionally, “Seaside Boy” refers back to the rock band of the identical title that was extraordinarily fashionable through the Sixties.

6. Mister President

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (11)

This subsequent stand undoubtedly has one of many strangest names but, and moreover, is hidden inside a really unassuming object. Additionally discovered through the Golden Wind arc, Mister President is in reality a Stand within the type of a key hidden within a vital turtle named Coco Jumbo.

Bestowed as a present by the Boss of Passione, it serves as a sanctuary for Giorno and the others whereas they transport his daughter Trish to security. It has no fight talents by any means, however makes for a really advantageous cell hiding spot throughout their travels and harmful encounters. It resembles the looks of a semi-luxurious resort room, albeit with no restroom which makes for some comical moments amongst the gang.

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (12)

Take a second to let that sink in: on the instruction of an Italian mob boss, Bucciarati’s gang takes refuge in a totally furnished room, contained inside a key atop a turtle. If this was present in some other manga, you’ll be excused for considering the writer had simply put some random phrases into an thought generator. Within the thoughts of Hirohiko Araki, nevertheless? It’s par for the course, although undoubtedly on the stranger facet.

“Mister President” refers to an artist who sings a tune known as “Coco Jumbo” in 1996.

7. Pearl Jam

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (13)

Basically the one food-type Stand present in all of JoJo’s Weird Journey is one more non-combative one which serves a wholly totally different goal, and is highly effective in a wholly totally different means. Pearl Jam is encountered in doubtlessly essentially the most hilarious filler episode of the fourth arc, Diamond is Unbreakable.

Josuke and Okuyasu resolve to cease by an Italian restaurant discovered close to the sting of Morioh known as Trattoria Trussardi. There they meet an exceptionally passionate {and professional} chef named Tonio Trussardi, the proprietor of the institution. He excitedly invitations the 2 of them in for a meal, and guides them by means of the method of a very genuine Italian expertise. Nonetheless, there isn’t any menu and Tonio decides on what to cook dinner just by analyzing the palms of their fingers, by some means figuring out any and all illnesses they’ve, from aching muscle tissue to sleep deprivation to constipation.

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (14)

All through the episode, Josuke and Okuyasu really feel an air of suspicion round this miraculously gifted chef, notably given the mysterious murders which were taking place in Morioh (due to a sure another person after all). Nonetheless, with every meal they eat they discover themselves swiftly cured of their aches and pains. Okuyasu’s cavity-filled tooth are ejected from his mouth and two new, wholesome ones develop of their place.

With the ability of his Stand, Josuke discovers that there are strange-looking organisms certain to the meals they’re ingesting. Resembling a cross between a tomato and a pearl onion (therefore the title) with faces and arms, they meld with the substances of a cooked meal and supply distinctive well being advantages, with the power to remedy most illnesses.

It’s a stand that’s by and much destined for an formidable and gifted culinarian like Tonio, who solely desires to share spectacularly-made meals along with his prospects that may additionally assist them stay completely happy and wholesome lives.

“Pearl Jam” relies on the well-known grunge rock band that was hottest by means of the Nineteen Nineties.

8. Power

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (15)

This Stand and its Person make it really some of the weird on this record, and it hails from the Stardust Crusaders arc. Joseph Joestar and the gang first encounter this Stand aboard an ordinary-looking freighter within the South China Sea certain for India. Whereas on the in any other case peaceable cruise, the group discovers an orangutan inside a cage down within the cargo maintain.

He seems to be a wholly regular orangutan, till the charade comes down and he reveals a heightened intelligence, sufficient to chop up an apple, smoke cigarettes, gander at Playboy magazines, and even clear up a Rubiks dice. He additionally dons a Captain’s coat.

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (16)

It seems that the orangutan, weirdly named Perpetually, is one other lackey working for DIO. He additionally possesses a Stand known as Power, named for the Tarot Card of the identical title. The Stand itself has taken management of the freighter, and truly morphed it to such a dimension from a a lot smaller boat. Having full psychic management over the certain ship proper right down to its bolts, Perpetually confronts the gang, nearly killing them outright by encasing them in steel tombs created by the ship’s pipes.

Finally the gang outsmarts him, benefiting from his cockiness, and Jotaro kills him along with his Stand, Star Platinum. Perpetually’s dying causes the phantasm of the freighter to dissipate, abandoning solely the small boat it had initially been.

“Perpetually” is a call-back to the album “Wu-Tang Perpetually” by the Wu-Tang Clan. It’s additionally presumed that he’s an homage to a different malicious orangutan within the 1986 British horror film, Hyperlink.

9. Low cost Trick

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (17)

Low cost Trick is one more Stand discovered within the iconic Diamond is Unbreakable arc, and is equal elements weird and annoying. Its origin lies with a person named Masazo Kinoto, an architect who’s employed by Rohan Kishibe to estimate the prices to restore his home. On the identical time he’s made an unwilling host to a Stand bestowed by Yoshihiro Kira, with the motive to kill Rohan.

Low cost Trick’s energy is parasitic in nature, because it seeks to hurt its host/person moderately than support them. Its signature transfer is clinging to the again of its present sufferer, and it can’t be eliminated in any means with out them risking dying. Sadistic in nature, whereas connected it would repeatedly berate and taunt the host in an try and disorient and put on them down psychologically.

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (18)

On the identical time it would name out to close by folks, because it’s one of many few stands that may be heard by non-users, and tempt them to take a look at the host’s again. Doing so will trigger Low cost Trick to detach from the host’s again, killing them within the course of earlier than attaching to its new sufferer.

Rohan struggles to discover a option to rid himself of the pest-like Stand, ultimately operating into Koichi who makes an attempt to make use of his Echoes ACT3 to take away it. Regardless of Echoes’ immense energy it doesn’t work and the one answer winds up being Rohan making his option to the Ghost Woman’s Alley with out his again being seen. The Alley being an interdimensional purgatory, a mass of disembodied fingers seem to pry Low cost Trick safely from Rohan, who on the final second makes use of Heaven’s Door to rewrite its Destiny and ship it to Hell.

“Low cost Trick” refers back to the 1970’s American rock band of the identical title.

10. Sethan

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (19)

The ultimate entry on our record goes to 1 different extraordinarily weird Stand discovered within the latter half of the Stardust Crusaders arc, whereas Joseph Joestar and the remainder of the gang are in Egypt. As Polnareff and Jotaro go in quest of one among two remaining Glory Gods working for DIO, a really eccentric-looking man (what Stand Person isn’t although) named Alessi seems to be tailing them.

Whereas he beats up a random harmless little one that by chance runs into him, Polnareff confronts him, accusing him of being the potential goal. Alessi tries to play it off however the confrontation ends in him brandishing his Stand named Sethan, after the Egyptian god of chaos and storms.

It seems as a big shadow with unsettling eyes, appearing as Alessi’s shadow that’s in a position to wield any weapon he holds like his axe. Additionally, anybody who comes into contact with the shadow faces dire penalties.

Polnareff touches it for a mere second and begins to note one thing very unusual taking place. With every passing minute he shrinks bodily, not merely when it comes to dimension however age. Earlier than lengthy he’s shrunk all the way in which right down to that of a 3 yr outdated, turning into totally defenseless. Since Stands attribute their progress and energy to that of their Person, Silver Chariot can also be rendered virtually ineffective.

What ensues from there’s a weird recreation of cat and mouse between baby-sized Polnareff and Alessi with Sethan. A younger lady named Malena takes Polnareff in from the streets to maintain him, and Alessi chases him all through the home, utilizing Sethan to try to kill him. Malena by chance will get caught up within the combat, and after touching the shadow for a number of seconds is rendered right down to an precise fetus. Polnareff gathers her in a towel and flees to a useless finish room.

10 Most Weird Stands in JoJo's Weird Journey (20)

The entire encounter concludes with Polnareff hiding from Alessi within the room simply lengthy sufficient to strike him within the face with Silver Chariot, inflicting him to fall out of the close by window. Jotaro occurs to be there and by chance will get grazed by Sethan lengthy sufficient to shrink right down to a younger little one. Nonetheless, hilariously sufficient, Jotaro remains to be sturdy sufficient to beat up Alessi and knocks him out.

That concludes our record of the ten most weird stands in JoJo’s Weird Journey. We hope that you just discovered this as entertaining because the present itself, and tell us what you consider our selections, or if you happen to really feel one other Stand ought to belong on this record.

Additionally you’ll want to try our different information and options about JoJo’s Weird journey, reminiscent of our Stand character quiz.

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