Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (2023)

By Daniel Kurland

JoJo's is full of surprises, but one element that’s always been present is the stylish nature of the characters and everyone’s passion for posing.

Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (1)

There are all sorts of anime series that become major hitsand run for decades, yet JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure tells a particularly special story that feels grand in nature and justifies its lengthy narrative. The various sagas within JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure zero in on different members of the Joestar family as a larger battle between good and evil carries over between generations.


It’s quite impressive to see all of the ways that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has changed and evolved since its start and how Hirohiko Araki has grown as a storyteller. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is full of twists and surprises, but one element that’s always been present is the stylish nature of the characters and everyone’s passion for posing.


10 Koichi's Pose Perfectly Represents The Nature Of His Character

Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (2)

Diamond is Unbreakable is an important chapter in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that stylistically takes a lot of risks and it feels quite different from the nomad-like quality of its predecessor, Stardust Crusaders.

Josuke Higashikata is the main character, but Koichi Hirose proves himself to be one of Josuke’s best friends and strongest allies. Koichi has a small and awkward stature and he conveys that energy with his lackadaisical pose that gets prominently shown off during the opening credits. So many JoJo poses involve huge and flashy gestures, which makes this body language a nice change of pace.

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9 Jack The Ripper Incorporates Lots Of Flair When He Lets The Blades Fly

JoJo's story has remained consistent since the start, but it's remarkable to look at how simpler the introductory Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency seasons are. Phantom Blood even embraces a bit of a horror aesthetic with the heavy focus on vampires and this continues with some of the smaller villains, like the serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

Dio Brando tries to take advantage of Jack the Ripper's blade skills, but the deranged killer also busts out a striking pose when he lets the blades fly. It's memorable and seems to also somewhat reflect the season's vampiric theme.

8 Lisa Lisa’s Ability To Strike A Pose Rivals Her Mastery Over Hamon

Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (4)

Lisa Lisa is an important character throughout JoJo’s Battle Tendency and she helps Joseph Joestar better understand his Hamon abilities as well as aid Caesar Zeppeli in their efforts against the deadly Pillar Men.


Lisa Lisa is one of the first strong female allies in the series and she makes sure that she knows how to pose and contort her body just as much as she’s an expert in Hamon. Lisa Lisa’s pose is relatively simple, but it frames her face and makes full use of her arms, which makes sense when the poses of the earliest Joestars are considered.

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7 Stroheim’s Pose Can’t Contain His Excitement

Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (5)

Stroheim is one of the stranger characters to come out of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure’s Battle Tendency saga. He's a character with an exaggerated history and look, especially after he becomes part cyborg and adopts a litany of more ridiculous abilities. Stroheim comes from a dark past, but he's an ally.

It's hard to argue with the effective nature of Stroheim’s pose, which has his hips involved in a pelvic thrust of victory. This becomes more pronounced because of the cannon that juts out of him. It's another basic approach, but one that connects because of the rest of Stroheim's look.

6 Kars’ Attitude& Pose Highlight Why He Thinks He’s Humanity’s Savior

Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (6)

Kars is an important JoJo villain that often doesn't get enough credit. He's the leader of Battle Tendency's Pillar Men, but also the architect behind the powerful Stone Mask that ultimately sets Dio Brando down the twisted path to becoming DIO.

Kars strives to evolve towards perfection and Joseph has to go to extremely elaborate efforts that involve Kars' launch into space to extinguish this threat. Kars' confidence and mission are unnerving, but his signature pose also becomes a defining aspect of the character. Kars cradles himself and turns his body inward in an effort to show off his perfection.

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5 Joseph’s Poses Highlight The Joestar’s Rampant Energy& Creativity

Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (7)

Everyone has a different Joestar that’s their favorite, but Joseph Joestar of Battle Tendency is one of the more popular members of the family tree. Joseph is cocky and carefree in a way that’s often rare for Joestars.

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It immediately helps Joseph establish himself. Joseph is a true wild card and this is even reflected with the characters’ poses. Joseph’s poses often put him in the air or have his limbs flipped over in some extreme display that feels more akin to breakdancing. This makes Joseph’s poses some of the hardest to replicate, but the most enjoyable to watch.

4 The Original Joestar, Jonathan, Sets The Posing Standard

Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (8)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has come such a long way from its start and Jonathan Joestar, the original Joestar in the series, can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. The series is in a much simpler place and Jonathan gets the shortest amount of time to shine, but he quickly stands out with his determined attitude and flair for the eccentric.

Jonathan’s dominant move is to fan his hand in front of his face, which manages to do a lot with a little. It’s a pose that’s easy to replicate and still gives off a somewhat mysterious quality.

3 Killer Queen Is A Stand That Commands Pure Dominance With Its Stance

Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (9)
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One of the reasons that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is so fantastic is that it’s not just the characters that know how to strike a pose, but also their Stand counterparts. A lot of the time the Stands will just mimic their user’s pose, but there are others that exhibit more of an individual personality.

YoshikageKira’s Stand, Killer Queen, from Diamond is Unbreakable is incredibly dangerous and his pose properly reflects his conceited demeanor. Killer Queen wants to prove that it’s the best and that’s the energy that its pose pushes.

2 The Bucciarati Gang’s Torture Dance Puts All Of Their Moves On Display

Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (10)

Golden Wind takes JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure all the way to Italy and tells a gripping story that’s set within the world of organized crime. Giorno Giovanna enters Bruno Bucciarati’s gang with the aim to reform the corrupt system from the inside.

Each member of the gang has impressive poses, but they also show off a highly choreographed act of coordination that also doubles as an unconventional form of torture. The torture dance that they perform to get answers out of a hostage is stylish, bizarre, and everything that JoJo should be.

1 DIO's Signature Pose Tests The Limits Of The Human Body

Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked (11)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has become popular and captured the interest of audiences for numerous reasons, but it’s turned into a highly meme-able program with DIO’s mannerisms at the top of the list.

DIOis the major antagonist through Stardust Crusaders and he looms over the earlier seasons of the anime. DIO’s famous “Wry” pose has his knees bent at a contorted angle while he howls at the sky in glee. It’s a very heightened moment that accentuates DIO’s more unhinged impulses.


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